Tournament Qualification Criteria

WC9 Qualification Criteria

Hosting Country – Australia

1. All competitors who placed in the Top 3 at any GKR Karate Tournament Event in their country throughout 2016.
2. All competitors who qualified for the 2016 GKR Karate National Championships in their country.
3. All competitors who place in the Top 3 in a GKR Karate Tournament event in their country in 2017.

If you are unsure about your qualification status, please contact your Regional Manager.

NB: Qualifying in a kata event provides instant qualification for Kumite (and vice versa).

NB: Qualification via team event does not provide qualification for any individual events. (eg: a competitor may not gain entry to any individual events based solely on their performance in a team event. They must qualify in either an individual kata or kumite event in order to compete in any individual events).

Visiting Countries – NZ – UK – USA

All international visiting GKR Karate students are welcome to compete without the qualifying criteria applying.


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