The tournament

Every two years, GKR Karate organises its very own World Cup – attracting thousands of participants and supporters from around the world.

This year, Australia are playing host, so get ready…the 9th GKR Karate World Cup is taking place on Friday 4th – Sunday 6th August 2017 on the Gold Coast.

The event is fun-filled, family orientated and we encourage all families and friends to come along and support those taking part.

We hope the 2017 World Cup will be the biggest and most exciting event of its kind – ever!

You’ll also get a chance to be involved in a high-profile attempt at breaking the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest board break. Everyone is welcome to take part in this incredible attempt – you don’t need to be competing in the World Cup.

Proud sponsors of GKR Karate’s World Cup 2017: