Guinness World Record Participants Guide


Participant’s Guide as a board ‘Breaker’

Key Responsibilities:

  • READ THESE INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY – Preparation is key to our success in this record attempt.
  • You will need to attend the GWR Board Break Registration Desk at some stage throughout Saturday to confirm your registration. You will then be assigned a Steward number, and will also have your hand numbered (see below). You will also receive a different coloured wrist band which specifically relates to your participation in the GWR board-break.
  • Make sure you keep the number on your LEFT  hand clear so that you can report directly to your designated Steward on the day of the event (Sunday).
  • All GWR Board Breaking participants will need to be at the venue at 7.30am on Sunday 6 August for a final briefing on the official procedures and regulations. Stewards will then divide participants into pre-determined groups of 50 people. It is important that you stay in this group with your designated steward. With 500 participating ‘Breakers’ expected to be taking part in this attempt, we must all be organised and ready!
  • You will receive a detailed briefing from the Official GWR Adjudicator and your instructions. We will then do a ‘practice’ of your role so everyone knows what to expect and what is required of them. Remember we only get one chance at this, so it’s vital that you know YOUR role.
  • The practice will NOT  include breaking any boards; it is to ensure everyone moves simultaneously at the exact same time, without any interference with the boards.
  • WHEN THE EVENT IS CALLED: Upon reporting to the roped area your name according to your corresponding board number will be marked off by a Steward.
  • Enter the event area and DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!
  • Report to your designated area (in your group of 50) within the roped event area and report directly to your Steward to marked as a participant: Failure to do so can mean you would be marked as a NON-PARTICIPANT
  • Break your board as per the notes below.

Follow ALL instructions completely and please read the following points below; THIS IS YOUR KEY TO SUCCESS!


Numbers for the hands match your board:

  • As a ‘Breaker’ the number on your hand corresponds with the ‘Breaker’s’ number on the registration list. This number will then match the board you are allocated.
  • ONLY the LEFT hand regardless of whether they are left or right handed should be marked. All ‘breakers’ will be asked by their respective Steward to show their hand on the board they are breaking. The number on the hand and on the board MUST correspond for it to count!
  • Mark the hand with a clear number as per the example in the picture.
  • You are NOT  to wash it off overnight. If you do wash it off, you will risk being eliminated from the attempt.
  • If the number becomes smudged or in any way illegible, you will need to report to the registration table immediately on Sunday morning  and have the number re-written, which may hold up proceedings and you will NOT be allowed into the roped off GWR record area until a Steward has confirmed the number.


Event Briefing and morning call

IMPORTANT – You must wear your Karate Gi/Uniform when participating.

  • Reminder: All breakers will need to attend the world record briefing at the venue at 7:30am (Approx 1 hour) on Sunday 6/8/2017.  This is a serious attempt at the existing record of 204 people record and needs a serious approach.
  • You will be briefed by Shihan Stacey Karetsian, Shihan Glenn Coxon and the Guinness World Records Adjudicator.
  • You will be introduced to your designated Stewards and briefed on their role as it relates to you.
  • Then you will be stepping onto the floor to take your designated position and perform a ‘Mid-Air’ practice session so we are all know exactly what to do when the Adjudicator calls GO!


  • In the event that a ‘Breaker’ does not show or withdraws from the attempt we will offer the position and number to a ‘Reserve’ person.
  • Anyone who is a ‘Reserve’ will be asked to pay for their registration after the event by way of sponsoring a board.
Breaking the board:

  • The rules for this record attempt are very specific and must be adhered to by EVERYBODY.
  • Only ‘Breakers’, assigned media, Stewards and the GWR Adjudicator are permitted within the roped off event area.
  • Once all ‘Breakers’ are lined up in front of their own designated board and the Stewards have confirmed with the GWR Adjudicator that the final number is in place and ready to go, the GWR Adjudicator will give a countdown to the break attempt: Are you ready?….Three, Two, One, GO!
  • As soon as you strike the board, you are to IMMEDIATELY STEP BACK 3 PACES and hold your hands behind your back.
  • The sound of hundreds of boards breaking at once will be extremely loud. If one board breaks directly AFTER the crash, it will be obvious that the attempt was NOT everyone together. So do NOT be tempted to try and sneak in a quick shot or you risk everyone being disqualified on your account. If you do not break the board immediately with everyone else you can still take pride in being a part of something special and for a special cause.
  • Once all ‘Breakers’ have stepped back following their break attempt, the Stewards and the GWR Adjudicator will step into count the boards and note any unbroken ones so we know who has been successful. (via the unbroken ones numbers)
  • The GWR Adjudicator will receive the reports from the Stewards, tally the numbers and announce the result.
  • You may remove your broken board as a souvenir if you wish ONLY ONCE THE ALL CLEAR AND RESULTS ARE ANNOUNCED.

Photo Opportunities and Live Broadcast:

  • Action Star TV will be doing a Facebook Live broadcast of the event and it will be posted for everyone to share with their friends. To ensure you have the Live feed and the finished broadcast make sure you go to the Action Star TV Facebook page and LIKE THE PAGE (Not just the post)
  • We will also have photo opportunity board set up for you to have your pictures done. How often do you have the chance to do a Guinness World Record? Make the most of the moment and capture and share your fame with your family and friends.