Mental preparation for the World Cup

As a competitor in the Greatest Karate Show in 2017, the GKR Karate World Cup – you are no doubt very excited. But, come on, admit it to yourself if no-one else, you’re feeling just a little bit apprehensive too. Worried about missing a couple of days of training because of that twisted ankle? Feeling guilty about straying from that strict diet and exercise programme?

But don’t be too concerned… we’ve all been there on more than one occasion. And that’s exactly why we have put together a series of articles on how to prepare yourself – both physically and mentally – for your big event.

Wherever you are coming from for the World Cup – be it the UK, Australia, New Zealand or the USA – these articles, written by some of the finest athletes, sports psychologists and specialist medics in the world, will help de-stress you, and show you how to cope with the pressures that you are putting yourself under.

View the tips here. 

The 2017 GKR World Cup will be a highlight of every competitor’s life – something to remember forever. You are good at your sport and you are already in top form, physically. So the sooner you prepare yourself mentally for what you are about to achieve, the sooner you will begin to genuinely enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Happy reading!